Training of Trainers

Real Development is an accredited ILO training provider for the Start and Improve Your Business programme (SIYB). SIYB is a materials-based training program. Accordingly each level of training has it own set of materials. These can be grouped into three categories as follows:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Trainers

Materials for entrepreneurs

While SIYB materials are versatile and can be easily used independently as self study material, the ILO-SIYB program recommends that entrepreneurs should be introduced to the material in a training intervention. These interventions enable entrepreneurs to share experiences and learn from each other during training. After such training, it is much easier for the entrepreneurs to use the materials on their own.

Entrepreneurs materials consist of:

  • The GYBI Workbook
  • The SYB Manuals kit
  • The IYB Basics kit
  • The SIYB Business Game

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GYBI training is for men and women who want to start a business but do not have a concrete business idea yet. The GYBI Workbook is introduced to entrepreneurs who like to know more about generating business ideas during GYBI workshops. This workbook emphasizes practical ways to carry out different business idea generation techniques. Step-by-step explanations are given in easy-to-understand language. Appropriate illustrations are used to further explain concepts. Relevant examples and exercises are important features of the GYBI Workbook, enabling the reader to immediately practise various business idea generation and selection techniques.

At the end of this training, participants are expected to have developed a concrete business idea ready for implementation.

SYB materials are introduced to potential entrepreneurs who want to start businesses. They consist of:

  • SYB Manual
  • SYB Business Plan Booklet
  • The SYB Manual guides the potential entrepreneur step-by-step in how to prepare and complete a business plan.

Practical examples of business start-ups, concepts and procedures as well as exercises and activities are an integral part of each step. The SYB Business Plan Booklet contains blank forms which potential entrepreneurs use to complete their own business plans. These plans form a sound basis for any business. The ILO obtained valuable inputs and feedback in developing the booklet from financing institutions, and thus the booklet meets the basic requirements of many commercial banks and Micro Finance Institutions.

The IYB Basics kit consists of a set of seven books, accompanied by four IYB Form Booklets. The materials are introduced to existing entrepreneurs during an IYB training seminar. The manuals introduce entrepreneurs to the principles of efficient small business management in a simple and practical way.

Step-by-step explanations are given in easy-to-understand language and appropriate illustrations are used to explain concepts. Relevant examples and exercises are also important features in the IYB Basics, thus enabling entrepreneurs to identify their own business problems and actively engage in solving them.

The 7 manuals cover: Marketing, Buying, Stock control, Costing, Record-keeping, Business Planning and the new People and Productivity manual. The four accompanying IYB Form Booklets are a collection of blank forms which entrepreneurs can use to plan sales and costs; to do cash flow; to control stocks and to keep simple but accurate records.

The SIYB Business Simulation Game

The SIYB Business Game is an integral part of the SYB and IYB materials and training. Playing this game gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to experience and feel the effects of their business decisions in a simulated environment. Both entertaining and instructive, the Game emphasizes the importance of systematic business management. The Game is modular as follows:

  • Module 1:The business cycle
  • Module 2: Supply and demand
  • Module 3: Reaching the market using the 4 Ps
  • Module 4: Managing a diversified business

Materials for SIYB trainers

To ensure the quality of training activities, SIYB trainers use a core set of training materials. These materials assist certified SIYB trainers to effectively and independently implement SIYB entrepreneurial training and related follow up activities. Training materials are only introduced and distributed to participants during an SIYB Training of Trainers seminar. The training material for trainers consist of:

  • SIYB Trainers Guide
  • Monitoring and Evaluation kit
  • Game Trainers' Guides
  • Adults in a Learning Situation Booklet
  • SIYB Promotional materials

The SIYB Trainers Guide is designed to assist SIYB trainers to plan and deliver effective, high quality GYBI, SYB and IYB training and follow up activities, respectively. Each guide contains guidelines for organizing and conducting the training intervention, the recommended training methodologies, seminar duration, and provide structured session plans.

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) kit contains all the forms and tools to conduct SIYB activities. M&E enjoys high priority in the SIYB programme, which operates a very well developed M&E system. The system contains information, techniques and tools that are easy-to-use and cost effective and are designed to enable trainers to measure the quality and effectiveness of their training and follow up inputs.

Though the M&E system, trainers are able to collect information; determine progress in carrying out planned activities and achieving programme objectives as well as targeted outputs and providing feedback to all programme stakeholders (training managers, user organizations, private trainers, donors and project management).

Monitoring is an ongoing activity that focuses on programme implementation. The basic tool used is the SIYB Activity Report. Both Trainers and Master Trainers are encouraged to report all training activities (entrepreneurial as well as trainer, respectively) by filling in and sending these reports to the SIYB Regional Project Office. Real Development, the coordinating secretariat for South Africa, maintains a database of all these reports that is continuously updated. This database is used to produce various reports and impact assessment purposes.

The SIYB Game Trainers Guide assists trainers to facilitate the four modules of the Game. It contains, among others, information about how to set up and lead the activities of the Game, discussing after each module to analyzing the main learning points.

The Adult in a Learning Situation Booklet introduces SIYB trainers to the theory and practice of training adults and adult learning. The booklet discusses, among other topics, various training techniques and tools that are specifically recommended for participatory, action-oriented SIYB training sessions.

The SIYB Training of Trainers (TOT) programme

One way of building capacity within BDS organizations to effectively and independently implement SIYB training and related follow up activities is through training of SIYB trainers. Once an organization is selected as a partner organization in the SIYB programme, it nominates candidates for a TOT seminar. SIYB trainers are the cogs of the programme and form the driving force behind entrepreneurial activities. A rigorous selection criteria and process is therefore applied and followed in selecting suitable trainers.

Candidates that have been selected for training, attend a two-week TOT seminar. Seminar participants are expected to plan and conduct SIYB training immediately upon returning to their organizations. They are assisted in the process through technical back-up support of the Master Trainers. TOT participants who successfully complete the training and conduct entrepreneurial activities, including follow-ups, are then certified as competent SIYB trainers and are licensed to conduct training in their respective user organisations.